MER Data Catalog User Survey

Have you ever wanted to use Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) data but had difficulty finding the data you need? We aim to reduce this barrier to entry by creating a user-friendly catalog of the full Spirit and Opportunity datasets.  The goal of the MER Data Catalog Project is to make it easy and simple for researchers who were not members of the MER team (as well as the general public) to discover and use MER data.  To that end, we are conducting a survey to find out what features potential users of the catalog would like to see in the catalog.  We would appreciate it if you would take the survey, which should take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Additionally, please ask anyone you know who might want to use MER data to take the survey. We’re hoping to hear from Mars-focused and non-Mars-focused planetary scientists, Earth scientists, high school teachers, undergraduates, engineers, people who work at museums, and anyone at all who might be interested in working with MER data.

Conducting a survey constitutes experimenting on humans, so we have sought and received approval for the survey from Cornell University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office.  The survey does not collect any identifying information, and all data will be presented in aggregate.  It will be open through at least May 2020. You can view our poster presenting interim results collected by March 15th 2020 here. We would have presented the poster at the 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference had it not been canceled (due to COVID-19).

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