Conferences and Publications

Upcoming Conferences
MEPAG Virtual Meeting 38 (April 15-17 2020)
We are presenting a lightning talk for a White Paper Concept: User-focused Data Catalogs Enhance the Value of Planetary Missions, to be submitted to the Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey 2023-2032.

We hope to attend two conferences later this year: The Geological Society of America Annual Meeting (GSA2020) in Montreal, Quebec,  in October 2020, and the Women in Space Conference in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, in August 2020.

Past Conferences
We were scheduled to present a poster at the 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, which was cancelled due to COVID-19. Our 2-page abstract is available on the LPI Abstract Collection and our e-Poster is available on LPSC2020 site. You can also view them here: